Melbourne based data specialists ITeM Group have grown in tandem with the technological evolution of the 21st century. Established in 1999, the consultancy has helped countless Australian businesses with their digital transformation, ushering organisations still clinging to outdated operating systems through the gateway to the information age. ITeM co-director Matt Brown recalls the ITeM journey, and where current strategic goals are likely to lead ITeM in the future.


Q: Is ITeM just a cool name or do the letters stand for something? 

MB: Yes. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it stands for: Information Technology Enterprise Management.


Q: It was an interesting time for technology on the eve of the new millennium when ITeM was established. How much of what was going on at that time was responsible for ITeM being formed? 

MB: Yeah, a lot of media coverage about the Y2K bug was going on at the time, (haha). Surprisingly, it wasn’t the main catalyst. ITeM Group was founded out of the frustration of the levels of service that our management team were getting from their service providers….so they started their own company!


Q: What values were at the heart of ITeM in its earliest days and how have they changed over time? 

 MB: Service, service, service. We still work extremely closely with our clients and it’s still a driving force today. Really knowing and understanding the issues people are facing is fundamental to providing value.


Q: What did ITeM look like the year it was formed and how does it look today? 

MB: It started off with only a couple of staff working for one client. We’ve grown to service many customers from all walks of life, from SMEs to Enterprise.


Q: Has the mission or the value proposition changed in the last 23 years? And if so, what are those changes and what’s been driving them? 

MB: The mission is still the same – we want to provide the best possible service to our clients. We have a lot more tools and experience available to us these days which means the value our clients receive is greater than ever before. We treat our employees like family and our clients’ businesses like our own. We really do want to make an impact for everyone involved.


Q: ITeM has helped many big brand-name organisations across different industry sectors with their digital transformation. What has been the highlight for you and what project has delivered the most impact? 

MB: Wow, that’s a tough one – I’ve been involved in some really cool projects. Some of the most impactful have been building a platform for a SaaS start-up and as well as an end-to-end data processing engine that automates data ingestion and validation.


Q: In two years’ time, ITeM will celebrate its 25th birthday. Two years is a long time in the world of technology, but where do you see ITeM by then and what services are most likely to be in the greatest demand? 

MB: Time flies when you’re having fun! I see our team growing and becoming even more highly skilled. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have our own SaaS platform in a few years’ time.