Data specialist ITeM Group has added the cloud-based data engineering tool Databricks to its suite of services available to clients.


The Melbourne based consultancy obtained ‘accredited partner’ status with the data platform in early 2022. ITeM Group already provides a full data warehousing, integration and analytical service for clients across Australia in diverse sectors from retail, health, property, education and agriculture.


The addition of Databricks to their portfolio, means ITeM Group has further scope to convert large volumes of data into tangible actions directly aligned to articulated business imperatives, such as using data to directly drive sales in selected revenue categories.


ITeM Group co-director Matt Brown said the Databricks platform would enable his team to widen the conversation with different business unit managers, providing the opportunity to elevate the utility of data beyond its traditional home in IT. “The beauty of Databricks is that it is an almost intuitive program that turns numbers on a screen into actionable, highly stratified insights for key managers and decision makers to implement and drive,” Brown said.


“This means we can now take the story of data’s power to the sales and marketing department, for example, or the operations department, because Databricks unlocks the ability for any brand to do their own analytics from within their centralised data repository.


“It takes you beyond a bucket of data that you need to interrogate with the right questions to get what you want. Instead, with ITeM Group’s assistance to guide the process, it will share the data analysis workload in a collaborative environment that is both interactive and intuitive.”


Retailers, for example, who want to know the next logical product a customer might buy, will gain enormously from interacting with Databricks. “If I’m a retailer and I have all my sales data together in a data warehouse, I can then get Databricks to dig into that data to tell me what my customers are most likely to buy next,” Brown said.


“That is enormously powerful insight because now you have a clear way of marketing and communicating to your customer base by segment. If I’m a marketer, I have the power to develop and activate a marketing campaign that is hyper-informed by data-driven science.


“That level of scaffolding may then allow me to dial up my marketing spend, because the data is empowering me to make business decisions with confidence, giving me some additional assurance I’ll get some solid ROI.”


Renowned for working with large volumes of data, Databricks is also lauded for its capacity to work with structured and unstructured data, such as responses that may come through marketing surveys. It also has the capability to marry with a tool like Power BI, allowing users to visualise their data from within the one system.


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