At ITeM Group, we like to provide advice on how to design new platforms & processes and help in the management of operations to improve data performance.


But we also like to build things, practical things, things that just work and help make people’s lives and businesses work better.


There’s no better example of this than our approach to data warehousing – the central repository that stores your data and keeps it safe.


Your data warehouse underpins your data and analytics capability. A strong and sound data warehouse allows your connected data platforms and applications to work in harmony like a well-oiled machine.


While our data warehouses are strong, we also build them with flexibility in mind. Our data warehouses can store both raw data used by data science teams or for systems integration, as well as cleansed data that can be used in data analytics and reporting.


We start by bringing data into the warehouse from almost any source such as on-premise data, cloud data or data from any software platform.


The data warehouse becomes a secure, accessible and trusted source of data for any business.


We automate the process of synchronising platforms with the data warehouse to make sure that it contains the most recent version of the truth.


From there the data is transformed by applying a rules-based system, allowing the data to be checked for consistency, cleaned or augmented, then published as the final source of truth.


ITeM Group also provides guidance to clients on the infrastructure they will need to have in place to allow us to build or manage their data warehouse.


Typically, this requires a cloud-based environment such as Azure or AWS but can also run locally if required. We help determine which data is time critical and needs to be synchronised frequently (real-time or near real-time, anything less than 15 minutes) against data that can be synchronised less frequently (15+ minutes, hourly, daily etc).


This helps improve the performance of all systems which rely on this data function, as processes are streamlined and operational costs are reduced.


This warehouse becomes the connector between:

  • Reporting systems: data from many sources is imported into the warehouse, transformed, then pushed to an analytics and reporting platform such as Power BI.
  • Software platforms: the data warehouse can act as a link between software platforms. For example, the data warehouse could receive cost input data from a manufacturing environment, and push this transformed data into a financial system.
  • Applications: similar to the above functions, the data warehouse can act as an intermediary for several software applications.


Many clients have benefited from ITeM Group’s data warehousing experience and expertise, including:

  • Carpet Court Australia
  • Lend Lease
  • Acciona Construction
  • Allity Aged Care
  • Aspen Pharmaceuticals


The endorsement of our data warehousing service from our clients is invaluable.


While critical to any data management program, a data warehouse is often required in another project which relies on clean, efficient data, such as building a bespoke web application or reporting requirement (ITeM Group can help with these too).


Data warehousing is often not top of mind, but never underestimate its value.


A structurally sound data warehouse is essential to any business with a mission to maintain integrity in its data systems and ITeM Group has the expertise to guide you on your journey.


Talk with us today about how we can help you protect your data – one of your most valuable assets.