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Our Mission

ITeM Group’s mission is to deliver the right outcome at the right time.

Our consulting portfolio includes strategy development, project management, enterprise and solution architecture, business architecture and analysis.

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Invest in the right projects at the right time

  • Develop business aligned IT strategies
  • Develop practical business cases using cost benefit analysis approaches that work
  • Develop IT capability, product and services road maps
  • Develop flexible, scale-able and commercially viable sourcing strategies
  • Develop portfolio, change and risk management strategies

On-demand project management

  • Apply the right mix of resources to suit your project phases
  • Establish the right project frameworks and assets
  • Agile and time to value approaches in delivering projects
  • Optimal stakeholder management, risk management, project costing and project reporting

Know your strengths and weaknesses

  • Identify competitiveness and differentiating opportunities in your business
  • Develop a business architecture which reflects your business and IT capabilities
  • Establish visibility of your products, business services, business processes and functions
  • Identify IT enablers which support your business processes

Know your capabilities

  • Baseline your IT capability by developing business, information, application, and technology architectures
  • Develop future-state enterprise architectures and road maps which are practical and cost effective
  • Perform analytics without data warehousing overheads
  • Develop solution architectures which minimise business risk

Our Consulting Methodologies 

ITeM Group applies pragmatic and proven approaches to solve any business challenge. We employ best practice methodologies from project management, development and all the way through to delivery.

  • PRINCE2 process based method for effective project management
  • AGILE incremental project management
  • SIX SIGMA data driven approach for eliminating defects in any process
  • TOGAF is the global standard for Enterprise Architecture
  • KIMBALL star schema Data Warehousing methodology
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