How ITeM can help finance professionals

Your Financial data   Data holds the key to important business insights, but it can also be the biggest barrier to getting answers. Finance teams and professionals are facing an increase in the volume of data available and the number of systems used to access this data. Gathering, preparing and validating data to provide accurate and reliable [...]

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A simple guide to the three stages of business intelligence

The needs of a complex organisation with multiple business units, divisions and locations differ significantly from those of a small or medium enterprise (SME). A dynamic and expanding business has more complicated and nuanced business rules and reporting requirements. But most businesses start small, or single-faceted, and grow. Sometimes that growth comes rapidly. And what [...]

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These are the 4 ways your financial reporting can go horribly wrong

Whether it’s using the wrong tools or “solutions” that solve nothing, we’ve heard some horror stories of financial reporting systems getting out of control. Some themes crop up repeatedly. If the following four common mistakes sound familiar, it might be time to re-assess your company’s business intelligence (BI). 1. Relying on Excel… For everything We [...]

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How to choose the right BI tool for financial reporting (includes shortlist)

Every business has unique financial reporting requirements. For those organisations with larger and more complex requirements there’s a need to progress from basic spreadsheets to data-driven business intelligence (BI) systems and platforms. ITeM Group has been specialising in complex BI for financial reporting since 1999 – making us ideally placed to provide guidance on the [...]

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The ultimate CFO guide to business intelligence

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) doesn’t need to know every technical detail of their Business Intelligence (BI) system. They just need to know their BI is: A worthy investment The right fit for the business Capable of empowering executives and employees to make better decisions Accurate, reliable and easily audited Adaptable to the changing needs [...]

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