Business Intelligence

“Make the right decision. Gather, store, access and analyse your data

with today’s sophisticated Business Intelligence tools”

ITeM Group design and build business focused solutions.

We can help you:

  • Centralise your data (Data warehouse and Data Management)
  • Add supplementary attributes to your data through business driven approval process (Master Data Management)
  • Automate your budget & forecasting processes (Performance Management)
  • Deliver fantastic looking, easy to maintain data visualisations and reports (Business Intelligence)
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Data Warehousing and Data Management

Complex spreadsheets and reports distracting you from your core business?

Spend less time processing, consolidating and validating data. We help take your data from a tangled mess of spreadsheets and extracts from multiple sources and build an easy to use, consolidated data warehouse.

We have built our own accelerators that allow us to build a centralised data warehouse in days, not months.

These accelerators give business users the tools they need to quickly refresh dashboards, reports and management packs at the click of a button.

Agnostic approach

No need to lock yourself into a single Business Intelligence tool and regret it down the track, building a data warehouse gives you the ability to plug and play at will.

Storing consolidation and business rules centrally allows you to stay agile and adjust as your business grows.

Swapping out the ERP?  Getting a new HR or CRM system?
No worries! Some simple re-plumbing and your existing data visualisations and reports can continue to work as they have done for years.

Data Modelling

We can develop your data warehouse using traditional (Kimball)  dimensional modelling aka star schemas or using the latest data vault ensemble techniques.

We are data vault certified and ready to take your business through the benefits of an ensemble based data vault model.

Need data you can trust?

The data warehouse becomes the backbone of your data visualisation, reporting and management pack delivery in your organisation. Your business can trust the data warehouse to deliver consistent, accurate and timely information.

Have skills in-house but need some extra help?

Our accelerators can assist your team in getting them up and running, FAST!
We work with your team to ensure that they can deliver ongoing support for business-as-usual functions.

Working alongside our consultants your team will gain the skills required to develop an easy to use data model, deliver accurate & consistent results with centralised business rules and provide secure data access to ensure the right people have the right information.

Business Intelligence

Today’s data sources are large and varied.  You need a way to easily analyse, visualise & gain insights from your data.

From operations, procurement, manufacturing, financial or regulatory requirements, we can deliver a Business Intelligence solution to meet your needs.

A better way to visualise your data

We help you put the icing on the cake with a well designed, easy to maintain Business Intelligence deployment in the tool of your choice.

Love how easy it is to collaborate and tell stories in YellowFin?
Love the functionality of PowerBI?
Love the visualisations in Tableau?

No problem, Let us help you make the right choice for your business.

BI Health Check

If your existing Business Intelligence environment isn’t providing the value you expect, why not get a BI Health Check?

Our Architects can ensure you are getting the most out of your BI platform with a detailed examination of all facets of your implementation. We can recommend and help fix any problem areas, including sluggish performance, business process and governance issues or securing your deployment.

Move to the Cloud

If you are currently looking at investing in a BI tool, or have an existing one that you are looking to update, chances are you are considering “the Cloud”.   It’s a great way to get up and running quickly and save the hassle of running IT infrastructure in house.

BUT, the Cloud is not a magic bullet, it still takes skill and know-how do to it right.

We have helped dozens of businesses, both large and small, move their software and infrastructure to the cloud.  From getting all the hardware and software “talking” to each other, to updating and developing bespoke applications to run in the cloud, we have gone through it all before.

ITeM Group specialises in getting all the applications, connections, user touch points and data from where it is now to where you’d like it to be in the future.


Yellowfin is a modern Business Intelligence tool that delivers world class dashboard data visualisation and collaboration features.

Why not check it out for yourself?


Microsoft is a leading provider of Business Intelligence tools.

Microsoft’s latest offering, Power BI, allows you to visualise your data quickly and accurately.


Hortonworks bring Big Data tools together in a single enterprise ready platform

Performance Management

Achieve effective supply chain collaboration and optimisation:

  • Operational and financial planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Cashflow and spend analytics
  • Workforce optimisation

Master Data Management

Benefit from consolidating supplier and customer data:

  • Bind, integrate and control common data across the enterprise
  • Manage data processes, rules, governance, meta-data and standards centrally
  • Apply dimensional and hierarchical structures to your data
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Our Information Management services

  • Developing information management strategies, architecture blueprints, roadmaps and governance models
  • Performing information management reviews and gauge your readiness
  • Designing information management solution architectures
  • Performing information management product assessments and selections
  • Building ‘big data’ platforms and data warehouses
  • Building performance management, business intelligence and master data management solutions
  • Applying information management accelerators including our UNiFY data and UNiFY financials products
  • Performing quality assurance and training
  • Deploying information management solutions which are extensible and supportable
  • Flexible and cost effective implementation approaches (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) to fit your business model